Ballistic Street Defense seminar 2012 – Riazanov

Instant download version! Want to learn more about ballistic striking? This DVD contains over 3 hours of effective reality proofed self-defense techniques from the Ballistic Street Defense system of Val Riazanov. The Ballistic Street Defense system is based on Val’s experience in competitive military combat sambo, judo, as a KGB operative and numerous experiences as a security consultant around the world. During a 2 day seminar in December 2012 in the Netherlands, Val showed us his method of ballistic striking from the ground up. From the basic movements to the ability to deliver hard and precise ballistic punches to your attacker. After learning to punch the participants were taught several defences against punches and kicks. From ballistic striking he went on to knife training. On this DVD you will find defences against knife stabs, knife slashes and easy disarms. To gain full insight in the aspect of the knife the defensive techniques continued with knife fighting techniques and pre-emptive disarms. In the last part Val taught extremely effective defenses against takedowns and when you find yourself in full mount. For maximum learning efficiency all warm-up drills are included on this DVD.

About Val Riazanov

Val Riazanov was born in 1970 in Soviet Union and from 1979 trained in Judo and Sambo as a member of the Russian Olympic squad for 6 years. During that time Val competed  in numerous competitions and championships, and achieved the status “Master” on the  International level in Sambo, and the rank of black belt 6th Dan in Judo. Under Mikhail Ryabko he became a qualified instructor in Systema. His website is